2017 Ozark Fiber Fling Classes

Ad for Yadkin CreekWe are currently working on classes and tutorials for 2018. Meanwhile, to get an idea of what we’ve offered in the past, here’s a list of 2017 classes and tutorials.


We have in the past offered classes called tutorial or one on one classes. Some classes we feel do not need to have a class room and are better suited for the student and teacher agreeing to meet at a designated time and place during the event. This is a win/win for the student and teacher. The student gets another class they want and the teacher gets another student. Funding for these classes is paid directly to the teacher. The student must be registered with Ozark Fiber Fling.  Please list on the form if you want a tutorial class.

  • Beginning Spinning – Must bring a workable spinning wheel $25
  • Beginning Crochet – Must bring one skein of light colored yarn and crochet hook $20
  • Beginning Knitting – Must bring one skein of worsted light colored yarn and US 9 Needles $20
  • Southwest Spindle Spinning – Stop by the Dancing Goats Booth for a time slot. $35 includes spindle and supplies.
  • Kumihimo – Explore the amazing Japanese braiding technique of Kumihimo. Originally used by the Samuri in Japan to create lacings and sashes. Kumihimo is the process of braiding silk and other fine fabric to make an exceptionally strong cord which is also beautiful. You will learn several different braids and will be able to make bracelets and necklaces when you finish. Class time: 2 hours Fee: $20. See DeAnna Amos at her booth.
  • Fingerweaveing – Friday only. Learn the ancient art of fingerweaving. This is not your camp craft but the fine art of using your fingers to intricately weave a belt or sash.  Class time: 2 hours. Fee: $20 See Susan Wilson at her booth.


Just a reminder if a class conflicts with another class you wish to take, please let us know. Some teachers may meet with you separately to accommodate to your scheduling conflict. Classes in basket weaving, dyeing, soap making and felting cannot be rescheduled. A couple of classes will be offered as a two day continual. Please read the class descriptions carefully.  A couple of classes will be offered twice. They are not continual. Again read the descriptions carefully. If you have any questions with regard to your enrollment, please contact us.

Beginning Estonian Lace by Kelli Slack

Saturday 1:00

Tackle the basics of Estonian Lace with this class. Explore nupps, twisted ground stitches, delayed decreases, gathers and cables in lace. We will make a practice swatch with two-three different stitch patterns to execute these fun lace stitches.

Difficulty of class: This class can be for the beginner lace knitter with a knowledge of casting on, binding off, knitting, purling, reading charts, reading patterns, basic lace with yarn overs and decreases.

Students should bring to class: Needles in sizes US 2-5, 2 balls of lace weight scrap yarn, scissors,  measuring tape, highlighter tape or marking implement, stitch markers, writing implement, notebook or note taking surface.

Side note: my second book, Froth and Foam features many different Estonian Stitch Patterns and techniques. This book will be available for purchase.

  • Min. 1, Max. 8
  • Hour: 3
  • Cost: $40

Beginning 4-Shaft Weaving 1  by Diane Crowder

Friday 9:00

This is an all day workshop. The goals of the 7 hour class: Students will learn to calculate a warp, wind a sample warp to make mug mats, dress the loom for plain weave and weave at  least two mats using stripes in different colors. If time permits we will make one mat in basic 2/2 twill. Students will learn how to cut off and finish the project.

Early enrollment is needed. Students will be notified of what they should bring to class.

  • Min.2 , Max. 5 (I have 3 looms available for use on a first come basis. I can take two more students if they can bring their own portable looms.)
  • Hours: 7
  • Cost: $85 Cost includes hand outs, warp yarn and instruction.

Beginning 4 Shaft Weaving 2 (Advanced) by Diane Crowder

Saturday 9:00

This is an all day workshop. Prerequisites: Students should either have taken Class 1 I am offering at this event or have a basic knowledge including warp winding, sleying the needle and heddles and doing plain weave.

 The goals of the 7 hour class: Students will learn how to read a weaving draft, how to sley the loom in a patterned twill, hemstitching, how the threadling variation allows for different patterns from the same threading. If time permits, we will also cover the basics of using tabby with a patterned weave. Project will be mug mats showing variation in weave pattern.

Early enrollment is needed. Students will be notified of what they should bring to class.

  • Min. 2, Max. 5 (I have 3 looms available for us on a first come basis. I can take two more students if they can bring their own portable looms.)
  • Hours: 7
  • Cost: $85 Cost includes handouts, warp yarn and instruction.

Cannery Dyeing by DeAnna Amos

Friday 2:00

Did you know you can dye multiple scarves at once in a pot with a Mason Jar? Awesome I know! And not just solid colors but multicolored and sophisticated Silk and Velvet Scarves. Yes, you can dye more than one color in one dye pot at the same time! Join us in dyeing a silk and velvet scarf in two colors as your classmate dyes another at the same time in the same large pot.

Students should wear old clothes and bring rubber gloves.

  • Min. 2, Max. 12 (Unless approved by instructor)
  • Hours: 3
  • Cost: $35 (additional scarves may be available for purchase)

Cast Ons! by Kelli Slack

Friday 3:00

Learn 11 Different Cast Ons for creating fabulous knits. This class will give you the ins and outs of cast–ons including: when to use specialty cast-ons, how to swap cast-ons without distorting the look of the edging, why certain edges may be desirable, and why you may want to change the suggested cast-on.

This class can be for a beginner knitter with the experience knowledge of casting on, knitting, purling and casting off.

Students should bring knitting needles in US 1-3 and 5-7, 3-4 balls of both fingering weight and wosted weight scrap yarn, scissors, measuring tape, stitch markers, writing implement, notebook, or note taking surface.

  • Min.1, Max. 8
  • Hours: 3
  • Cost: $40

Note: My first book, Hoppy Feet uses a variety of cast-ons and will be available for purchase.

Color Basics and Spinning Hand Painted Braids by Patti Reuther

Friday 10:00

This is an all day class. Do you have braids of hand painted top in your stash that you are afraid to spin? Learn how to spin a braid eight different ways for different yarn outcomes. You will start with the basic two ply (barber poling) and move into variations of fractal spinning. Then you will learn combination drafting and also learn how to make ombre yarn. You will also learn hand card blending techniques.

Students must be able to spin a continuous thread and be comfortable with plying. You will be taught how to ply from a center pull ball and how to make a chain plied yarn.

What to bring: Spinning wheel in excellent operating order and wheel supplies, 6 empty toilet paper rolls for making center pull balls, lazy kate, extra bobbins, hand carders, and small scissors.

Optional: You can bring your hand painted top from your stash if you want to discuss and get some ideas about how to spin it.

  • Min. 1, Max. 6
  • Hours: All day class
  • Cost: $45

Contemporary Rug Hooking by Teresa Goatey

Saturday 9:00

What can you hook with besides wool? Lots of stuff! This class is perfect for beginners and for more experienced rug hookers to experiment with a lot of different materials. The kit includes a simple pattern and all equipment and materials needed to get started.

  • Min. 1, Max. 8
  • Hours: 2
  • Cost: $45 Materials included

Dance For Joy! by Chris Durrill

Friday 6:00

(Child Friendly) Party Hearty Wet Felting! It’s time to kick off your shoes, roll up your pant legs and get ready to dance into a felt project. This is a first time ever class! In this informal evening workshop, students will learn how to felt for a journal cover or small pet bed to the beat of golden oldie (or thrash to heavy Metal) it’s up to you. We will supply all the materials including 1 ounce of white fleece and use of hoppers to stomp in. Please note: some projects may require more than 1 ounce of fleece. You may need to purchase additional fiber for your project. Preregistration in not necessary but is suggested due to providing hoppers for all participants. Students need to bring with them a towel and a plastic bag to take their finished projects home. Children age 8 or older may participate in this class with an adult.

  • Min. 3, Max.  This is an open class but it limited to the amount of hoppers we gather for students.
  • Hour: 4
  • Cost: $12 includes supplies to make a journal or pet bed. Additional white or colored fleece will be available for purchase for an extra fee. $1 per oz. for white and $2 per oz. for colored

Egg Basket with God’s eye  by Laura Klaus

image of egg basketFriday 10:00

This delightful looking basket starts with 2, 10 inch hoops and a God’s eye.  All supplies are provided by the teacher.

  • Min. 4, Max. 10
  • Hours: 4
  • Cost: $40

Fair Isle Christmas Ornament by Ann Anderson

image of knitted Fair Aisle ornamentFriday 1:00

An introduction to stranded color work knitting.  Students will also learn a circular cast on. Five ornament charts are included in the class. Students should be familiar with knitting on double pointed needles.

Students need to bring two contrasting colors of a smooth, sport weight wool yarn and size US 5 double pointed needles.

  • Min. 2, Max. 6
  • Hour: 3
  • Cost: $15


Getting Your Fleece Ready for Your Project by Lois Wissmann

image of fleeces ready for processingFriday 1:00

You have wanted to do a fiber project from beginning to end. That includes washing, carding and spinning up the fleece. In this class we will go over how to wash a fleece and get it ready for your project. Students should bring a working spinning wheel or drop spindle, a drum carder or hand cards if you have them to class.

  • Min. 1, Max. 8
  • Hour: 3
  • Cost: $15 includes fleece, and handouts.

Going Batts with Suri   By Connie Blechle

image of suri alpaca battsFriday 1:00

Have you heard you can’t card Suri? Some say you must comb it. I will show you how it can be done and end up with gorgeous results. We will make silky luscious batts that you can spin into yarn as fine as lace if you desire. Everyone in class will get to make and take with them a luscious batt home to spin.

We will be using washed Suri alpaca in natural and dyed colors. I will have available some blending fibers such as silk tencel and bamboo as we as some fine wool fibers.  If you have a drum carder, feel free to bring it along to use during class. I can show you some tips and tricks to card Suri alpaca beautifully.

All materials will be supplies.  Students if they own a drum carder are asked to bring it to class along with any tools they have with it.

  • Min. 3, Max. 12
  • Hours: 3
  • Cost: $30

 Kitchen Cabinet Dyeing  by Chris Durrill

Friday 10:00

(Child Friendly) This is a basic beginning dye class. Learn how to use easily available items from your kitchen cabinet or local grocery store to dye wool. We will explore the use of common products such as Easter egg dye, Kool-Aide and Jello. This isn’t the most fast dye technique, but is is enough for you to explore the possibilities of home dyeing on a budget with little or no safety and or disposal issues. All tools and materials will be provided.

Attention Scout Leaders and Home Schoolers: This is an ideal class for a favorite adult and a child age 5 and older. No tag-alongs, infants and or children under age 5. If you don’t have the time and energy to participate in the class as the adult, the age limit is 16 years and older and grandparents are welcome!

  • Min. 3, Max. 12
  • Hour: 3
  • Cost: $30 per child and adult pair. $20 for single participant

 Make Your Own Wool Dryer Balls by Lois Wissmann

image of wool dryer balls and felting needleSaturday 1:00

(Child Friendly) Are you tired of purchasing dryer sheets with all sorts of chemicals and fragrances? Do you hate those sheets hiding in your pant legs or delicate clothing? Try using fiber balls in your dryer. They have less static cling, dries faster and no fragrances. In this class you will make your own dryer ball. Students will receive felting needle, clean raw ball, and roving. Children ages 8, up are welcomed to this class with an adult. This is a very basic beginning needle felting class.

  • Min. 1, Max. 8
  • Hour: 2
  • Cost: $15 includes all materials enough to make two dryer balls.  Extra raw balls will be available for purchase.

2 seats left!!! Making Rolags From a Blending Board  by Patti Ruether

Saturday 1:00

This is a class for those who want to take rolags to a whole new level! Make awe-inspiring rolags with silk, bamboo, Alpaca, Corriedale,  Merino, Mohair, Firestar, Tencel, and Angelina using a blending board. New this year! I am also adding some new tempting man-made fiber blends such as Banana top, banana thread, mint fibers, pearl, corn milk, and rose. This class teaches a wonderful, easy, way to create beautiful, colorful rolags for spinning! No previous experience necessary. Bring your own blending board or let the instructor know if you need one.

Students should bring a Blending board if you have one, 2 dowels, and a blending brush.

  • Min. 2, Max. 6
  • Hours: 3
  • Cost: $45

Market Basket By Laura Klaus

image of market basketSaturday 1:00

This Market basket is ideal for those Farmer’s Market trips or garden harvest. The size is 8 X 8 X 15 square.

  • Min.4, Max. 10
  • Hours: 4
  • Cost: $40  All materials are included.

Plying on a Hand Spindle by Susan Wilson

Saturday 9:00

Yes, Virginia, you CAN ply on a drop spindle! In this class, we will explore various plying techniques, such as plying from the same ball, several ways to Andean ply, Navajo plying and multiple thread plying. Instructional material and additional wool for spinning will be provided.

Students must bring their own spindle and 2 ounces of hand spun single.

  • Min. 1, Max. 10
  • Hour: 3
  • Cost: $20

Rigid Heddle Delight Loom by Susan McFarland

Friday 10:00

Sign-up now, fast, do not miss a quick way to warp a rigid heddle loom (direct warping). The class will explore the terms for weaving, warp a loom and work on a project. During the day the class will work on finishing a warp and starting a mug rug project for your coffee cup. This is an all day class. Let’s work on enjoying weaving, learning about the various yarns like 3/2, 8/4-8/2 and more. Materials are included. Students should bring with them to class: Pen, paper, ruler, tape measure, loom if you have one and scissors.

  • Min. 1, Max. 10
  • Hour: All day
  • Cost: $75 includes materials and loom rental fee. The rental fee could be put towards a loom purchase. $60 without loom rental.

Rope Sandals by Tracey Zinck

image of rope sandalsFriday 10:00 and Saturday 9:00

For the convenience of our students this class is being offered at two separate times.  Please check the day and time you when you enroll. Tracey Zinck, will help students make their own custom sandals using a modified Japanese technique to weave Waraji, straw sandals that were worn by the common folk. Sisal and hemp rope will be provided. Sandals will take 2-6 hours to complete. Students are requested to please email shoe size in advanced to traceyzinck@gmail.com so he can prepare the appropriate number of sized looms. Looms are adjustable to accommodate adult sizes from women’s 5 to men’s 13. Each loom is handmade.

  • Min. 4, Max. 15 per class
  • Hour: 2-6 hour depending on student’s speed
  • Cost: $30 – for instruction and materials and $5 loom rental (it can be applied towards cost of loom). Looms can be purchased separately for $40

Six-Spoke Ojo De Dios by Susan Wilson

Saturday 1:00

Learn to make the iconic Southwestern, Ojo De Dios, more commonly known as God’s Eye.  Students will practice various techniques on miniature four-spoke skeletons before spreading their wings and creating their own design on an eighteen-inch six spoke skeleton. All materials including wool yarn will be included.

  • Min. 1, Max. 8
  • Hour: 3
  • Cost: $30

Spindles of the World by Robin Goatey

Saturday 1:00

Learn 2 different Support Spindles of the World and keep the one you like the best to take home. We will practice the Navajo inspired Southwest Spindle, The Tibetan Spindle and the Compromise Russian Spindle. All of the Spindles have a non-traditional hook on the end with a consequent result: They are easy to learn and utilize. Additional spindles and bowls will be available for purchase.

  • Min. 1, Max. 10
  • Hour: 2
  • Cost: $30 includes spindle of choice

Twigg Stitch by Ann Anderson

Image of Twigg Stitch bookFriday 10:00

A brand new knitting technique developed by Vicki Twigg which produces a single layer, reversible, two color fabric. Students will learn the basic Twigg Stitch. The book, Twigg Stitch by Vicki Twigg and yarn is included in the class fee.

Students need to bring size US 8 straight needles to class.

  • Min. 1, Max. 5
  • Hour: 1
  • Cost: $35


FULL! FULL! FULL! Undulation – An  Introduction to Tapestry Knitting by Ann Anderson

If enough interest is expressed, we MIGHT be able to talk Ann Anderson into opening a second section.

image of undulation kntting sampleSaturday 10:00

Using garter stitch and short rows, students will learn to create gentle free form waves and curves in a knitted scarf.  A pattern will be provided. We will be using an easy short row technique that does not involve wrapping the stitch.

Students need to bring two coordinating finger weight yarns, and straight or circular needles appropriate to the yarn.

  • Min. 1, Max. 6
  • Hour: 3
  • Cost: $15

Child Friendly – Weaving on a Water Bottle by DeAnna Amos

Saturday 9:00

Do you want to weave but don’t want to spend money on a loom and all the supplies until you know if weaving is really for you? Join us in weaving a small pouch type bag using only a water bottle, yarn, and scissors. We will be making a small bag suitable for a cell phone or money and credit cards using a 20 ounce water bottle. Children age 8 up are invited to participate with an adult.

  • Min. 2, Max. 12
  • Hours: 2
  • Cost: $10 includes all tools. Beginner friendly.  No extra accommodations needed.

Wet Felting Mittens (Alpaca/Wool) by Connie Blechle

image of felted mittsSaturday 9:00

In this class we will wet felt a pair of mittens to fit your own hands. We will use alpaca or alpaca wool blend fiber that I will provide for you. We will use some add on fiber and or yarn to decorate with. The technique you will use will prepare you to felt more felt projects in the future.

Students need to bring a plastic bag to carry your damp project home and 1-2 old bath towels (for soaking up excess water) to class.

  • Min. 3, Max. 10
  • Hour: 3
  • Cost: $40 Materials included

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