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Sheep News From Around the World

Sheep News From Around the World

We got this the other day¬† via the “ASI Weekly – News for Sheep Industry Leaders” and thought you, our readers and attendees, would enjoy the following excerpts:

India Jumps to No. 2 Exporter of Textiles in the World

India is the new No. 2 exporter of textiles in the world, surpassing nations like Germany, Italy and Bangladesh, but still falling behind China, which remains the world’s largest textile exporter.

The numbers are from the Apparel Export Promotion Council, the official body representative of India’s apparel exporters. The numbers indicate that China is, by a significant margin, the biggest textile exporter in the world, accounting for about $274 billion worth of the total $772 billion in exports around the world – that alone equals about 35.5 percent of the market share.

India, by comparison, only shipped out about $40 billion worth of textiles in 2013, enough to put it in second place but lagging behind China by $234 billion. India’s market share is just barely above 5 percent of the total international export scene. Still, the rise to No. 2 is nothing to be trifled, considering that India ranked No. 6 just one year ago, with about $33 billion in textile exports.

“India continues to show promise for U.S. wools,” stated Rita Kourlis Samuelson, director of wool marketing for the American Sheep Industry Association. “India is the second largest importer of U.S. wool behind China, buying approximately 2.4 million pounds of wool in 2012-2013 or 30.6 percent of total U.S. wool exports.”

Reprinted in part from The American Bazaar

World Cup Sheep

It was a “not-so-baaad” performance for Colombia’s wooly warriors. To celebrate the country’s return to the World Cup after a 16-year absence, artisans in the high Andean town of Nobsa put on what they billed as the first soccer match played by sheep. The final result was a 4-3 victory for Colombia over Brazil. See the video at

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