Don’t forget, the Lee Greenwood concert is the same weekend, Saturday 8 – book your motel ASAP – or get Lee Greenwood tickets if you want to see him as well as spin!


Hey, November 4 is coming fast! Even if you aren’t coming to Ozark Fiber Fling 2014, don’t forget to exercise your rights and VOTE – be it a small municipal election or a great big national one!

Due to popular demand…

…we have added 3 “101” classes to our roster. For more information and to enroll, contact Lois at

  1. Beginning Spinning $25.00 – Must bring your own wheel.
  2. Beginning Knitting $20.00 – Bring a set of knitting needles and one skein of commercial yarn.
  3. Beginning Crochet $20.00 – Bring a crochet hook and one skein of commercial yarn.

There’s still time!


  1. Class Registration 2014 (Word version)
  2. Class Registration 2014 (Adobe Acrobat .pdf version)
  3. Friday 2014 Schedule at a Glance
  4. Saturday 2014 Schedule at a Glance
  5. Class Descriptions!

Don’t miss out on the class you just have to take! (The earlier you turn in your enrollment forms and check, the more likely you’ll get a seat!!!!)

Would you like to help out?

If you have a local yarn shop or know of a public venue in your area which doesn’t mind posting events. feel free to download:

  1. Ozark Fiber Fling 2014 Poster (Print out this .pdf and cut the little tabs apart, leaving them attached at the top so people can take one with them if they like.)
  2. Ozark Fiber Fling 2014 Book Marks, 5 to a page. (Print out this .pdf and cut the book marks apart. If you have a lot of scrap yarn, feel free to punch a hole in one end and add a pretty “tassel”!)

Thanks in advance – the more people who attend, the better!

Uh-oh… hooray!

Jessie Dockin's new baby

Jessie Dockin’s new baby

We’re afraid that the needle felting class taught by Jessie Dockins has been cancelled for this year – she’s had a baby! Hopefully we will have her in 2015, and that she’ll bring the baby to show him off!

So, we’ve added a few classes, including “Spinning: From Bumps to Beehives”. Aaaand we’re still going to release the official class descriptions and enrollments as of September 1, 2014

We’re on Facebook!

Go to the Ozark Fiber Fling 2014 page to keep track of what’s going on!

Attention Potential Teachers and Vendors

We have finished filling in our class rosters and vending spaces.

We want to thank everyone who submitted class proposals and/or reserved vending space.

Susan's Fiber Shop - books, looms, patterns, tools, wheels, yarn and fleeces.If you still have an idea for a class, or would like to vend at Ozark Fiber Fling,  feel free to contact us, but we are only in the planning stage for 2015.

Again, thank you for your effort and ideas – we can’t do this without you!

Questions? Comments? Call us at: 573.245.6851 and ask for Lois –  or email us at

Interested in advertising? Have a fiber arts related event you’d like to put on our calendar?

ad for easily amused enterprises

Call us at: 573.245.6851 and ask for Lois –  or email us at






Bucks County Fur Products

Have an idea for a project or article for the site?

Call us at: 573.245.6851 and ask for Lois –  or email us at

Looking for something to do while visiting Steelville?

While you’re in town, stop by any the following area businesses and see what else Steelville, MO has to offer:

  • Art & Joe, Steelville’s meeting place! – A coffee shop AND an art gallery, sit, sip and see!
  • Missouri Hick BBQ South – Highway 19 on Steelville’s main street at the 3-way stop – we cater parties! (573) 775-6791.
  • Explore Steelville/ – Steelville’s official tourist website – it covers everything we don’t cover here!
  • Lange General Store. 106 E. Main Street, Steelville, MO 573-775-3111.

Missouri Sheep Producers ad #2

Raspberry Meadows Farm adLooking for information on a particular fiber?

We have an ever-expanding set of pages giving information on particular fibers – if we missed something, let us know so we can fill in the gaps! As the year progresses, we will be adding sample projects, fiber handling tips, crafting tips, directories of local suppliers and other goodies useful to fiber artists.

Visit us regularly to keep up with what’s going on with Ozark Fiber Fling 2014!


The Ozark Fiber Fling Team

Ozark Fiber Fling hosts all advertisements for vendors, dealers and services on its site as a service. It is the responsibility of the consumer to check the references of, negotiate fees with, and make all arrangements with those advertising on this site. Ozark Fiber Fling accepts no responsibility for products and services rendered.

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  1. Hello! I was hoping to attend a couple of the classes at this year’s Fiber Fling. Is there a way to register & pay online since it is too late to do that by mail? Thank you for the information. I look forward to your reply.


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